Civilization: Beyond Earth – Trailer Analysis

This rather nifty trailer to Civilization: Beyond Earth analyses the game in a little more detail than had been officially revealed thus far.



The opening part discusses the various new challenges faced in the game, shows some sexy FMVs (which we’ve already seen – but still nice), and hints at new evolutions from the previous Civ games.



This part of the trailer talks us through our early game decision making. We have to select a sponsor (ooh, how very Hunger Games!), pick a space craft and evaluate which resources we want to invest in our capital. We can then, as usual, choose between food, production, culture, science and energy resources whilst exploring the new terrain. We then get a look at some of the leaders of other colonies with the usual decision trees.

Different from previous Civ experiences, Beyond Earth introduces the dangerous Miasma, a noxious gas which will damage units should their turn end whilst sharing a hexagon.



‘Attack at your own risk, but know that there are always peaceful alternative’ – again, nothing new here, but the terrain looks cool as the narrator discusses the need to explore and find research pods. It’s worthy of note that each explorer carries limited numbers of expedition modules which are used to uncover artifacts or to recover the resources from fallen satellites. While we’re allowed to kill the alien nests, the user must face the natural defences of the various ecosystems. Scary shit. Killing early-game units will eventually invoke the revenge of Krakens and other nasty looking beasties.

After a bit of digging about and pissing off the local ETs, we’re encouraged to expand. We send out colonists which become outposts; essentially a blue print for future cities.



We’re humans. We’re doing our level best to survive. We have to adapt, and the games way of expressing this is through the selection of three unique affinities. These affinities are harmony, supremacy and purity.


Harmonists are happiest when co-existing with the indigenous folk of the world. They are bent on gene-splicing and genetic modification. Users of harmony will be able to garner ‘natural’ cures from the environment, and more advanced colonies will be able to recreate alien life for themselves. Neat.


Sumpremacists will attempt to settle any world via the use of nano technology, augmentation and cybernetics. Leaders have a robotic appearance, with some of the more advanced units including unmanned drones and combat robots.


Those Purists amongst you will force the world to adapt to it, with the use of technology (exo suits and big tanks) to survive.



This is a big boy. The tech web is where your skills and research live. Starting in the middle of the web, you’ll navigate your way through different routes for different strategies. Unlike in previous Civ experiences, you wont be able to unlock the entire tech tree (web) which should boost the longevity of Beyond Earth.



Very much like previous Civ games, you can spy, trade and negotiate with other civilizations. All of this section is typical of what we’d expect, except for the new quest chains. Quests reveal more about the society and provide bonuses for your actions and decisions, which will affect your affinity.



Right: so there are five possible ways to win a game of Civilization: Beyond Earth: the three affinity victories of harmony, supremacy and purity which require various builds; contact victory which comes from making contact with superior alien affiliates and the good old fashioned domination victory which I need not explain.

The latter two do not require any specific affinity, whereas the other inital three appear to be quite specific.

Not too much new information from this trailer, but definitely enough to whet our appetites.

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