Beyond Earth Let’s Play – The Seeding Stage


Here is another ‘lets play’¬†Beyond Earth¬†video with Firaxis lead designers Pete Murray and David McDonough on the seeding stage of the game.

For those new to the seeding concept it is basically a process which enables the player to create a faction which suits their play style best (or worst!). It’s a pretty good watch and covers a whole bunch of topics including the sponsor decision, colonist choice, spacecraft accessories and cargo (these are all seeding decisions that give the player various bonuses depending on what they fancy). Not only this but the games options are also covered along with the map generation system, furthermore you get to see a few turns of a couple of different seeding choices, thus giving a picture of how the various bonuses will affect you in-game.

One important point that is mentioned right at the end of the video is that the seeding stages bonuses may well change. So keep any eye out for future news on that!

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