Everyone likes to make friends. Here at Beyond Earth, we are no exceptions. Affiliation, or swapping links, is a really useful way of promoting two like-purposed websites. We do have a few criteria for swapping links, but as we are still in our infancy, we are not that fussy. A little fussy at best.


The Criteria

  • Your website must be game related. Nothing weird or kinky.
  • You must link our page from the entirety of your website. We do the same in return. Fair is fair.
  • If you have loads of popups or hideous ads littering your page, it’s not for us – sorry!
  • Nothing illegal. Obviously.
  • Your site should contain some useful content about something. All style and no substance makes us sad inside.

So that’s about it! Still want to become our affiliate? Great news! Drop us an email or a comment here and we’ll see what we can do.